Media Analytics Platform Cloudbreakr Raises over HK$10M in Pre-A Series Investment Led by Hong Kong X Technology Fund Receives Follow-on Funds from Thailand with its Expansion in the Southeast Asia Market

Media Analytics Platform Cloudbreakr Raises over HK$10M in Pre-A Series Investment  Led by Hong Kong X Technology Fund  Receives Follow-on Funds from Thailand with its Expansion in the Southeast Asia Market



Bangkok, January 6, 2020 - Social Media and influencer culture have taken the world by storm, disrupting the traditional way of acquiring information and knowledge. Emerging media platforms heavily subvert our habits and routines. On this basis, social media analytics platform Cloudbreakr make use of big data to monitor and analyse various influencers and hot issues. Adopting a new systematic social media marketing tactic, the company joins hands with over 10 thousand marketers around the world to maximize the effectiveness of each advertisement. Recently, following the pre-A series investment led by Hong Kong X Technology Fund, Cloudbreakr has further received follow-on funds from Beyond Ventures, the Thai billionaire Mahagitsiri family and Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund, raising a total of over HK$10 million.


Financing from the Southeast Asia Market


Established in 2015, Cloudbreakr, with its AI-powered big data analytics software, is dedicated to helping clients capture the latest digital hot topics and formulate most appropriate strategies, and to create tailor-made cooperation opportunities for brands and all tiers of influencers. Covering hundreds of millions data, Cloudbreakr has kept a remarkably close eye on over 100,000 influencers and social media pages worldwide. Foreseeably, the funds raised could enhance the capacity of the platform’s big data analysis process, as well as the innovation of AI-powered new social media and content analysis software and a comprehensive line of influencer marketing tools. Also, the funds will be used for the development in the Southeast Asia market, in particular, the business expansion in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.


Further Promotion of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


In respect of the flourishing bloom of new media, Cloudbreakr decides to put more focus on improving and modernizing the platform’s user experience after the completion of the financing process. Holding an aspiration to provide clients more user-friendly data analysis and project management tools, the company will further enhance the data coverage in Asia. Additionally, the company strives to explore more valuable content and insights for content creators and brands through an in-depth AI analysis. It allows them to grab the latest Asian market trend and achieve higher efficiencies in micro influencer marketing, content marketing, and public opinion analysis. Cloudbreakr also offers different services for clients to search, filter, and browse through the profiles of media and micro influencers. Clients could utilise the analyses and materials to compare the effectiveness of interaction with media and fans. Furthermore, the company makes use of AI technologies to develop quality services and tools for keyword tracking, image analysis, and micro influencer marketing purposes, with a coverage of over 6 Asian countries.


Follow-on Funds from the Thai Billionaire Family


In addition to investment from the conventional venture capitalist, Cloudbreakr has attracted follow-on funds from the billionaire Mahagitsiri family. Ranked by Forbes magazine as the 14th wealthiest family in Thailand, the family has businesses covered multiple fields, including the retail and food industries. For instance, coffee brands under the PM Group, altogether, hold 60% shares of Thailand’s coffee market. 


About Cloudbreakr


Cloudbreakr is a social media analytics company powered by big data analytics and AI technologies. Originated from Hong Kong, Cloudbreakr has its reach also in places including Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand, etc., striving to provide brands with the latest marketing technology tools and integration programmes. Serving over 100 enterprises and international brands, Cloudbreakr’s platform offers the most up-to-date social data analysis to over 10,000 marketers around Asia.